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A Full Service Property Management Company

Our experienced and professional staff and our vast range of services ensure that you and your property are taken care of properly. Trust your investment to a local manager with the necessary abilities, systems, integrity, industry knowledge and expertise.

Marketing Services

With a vast referral network, print, web, lead management and extensive use of other media, we utilize many creative ways to market every property.

Your investment deserves more than just collecting the rent. Great marketing is key to filling vacancies quickly in the current market. Our property management marketing services are simply unmatched and unprecedented.

  • Dedicated Rental Specialists
    Our Rent Solutions rental specialists answer hundreds of phone inquiries and Internet requests every day. These and all prospects who visit our office have access to the most comprehensive and updated information they need to find the rental property that they are looking for, whether it is color photos, keys, driving directions or any other customer service.
  • Realtors
    As a member of the local Board of Realtors, our listings are featured in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) where all the member real estate professionals readily find the information they need for their customers. Thousands of local Realtors have access to our listings and can show our vacancies, through the use of lock boxes. All showings are scheduled and tracked online, and comprehensive showing reporting is made available to the property owners. Our properties are also aggressively marketed to local Real Estate agents.
  • Internet Exposure
    Properties are also featured in and, as well as many other highly trafficked websites including,,,,,,,,,,,, and
  • Search Engines
    Rent Solutions websites are featured on over 15 search engines including google, excite, yahoo, netscape, msn, ask, webcrawler, metacrawler, kanoodle, lycos, earthlink, infospace, miva, aol and altavista.
  • Corporate Housing and Special Programs
    Rent Solutions provides Corporate Housing, Short-Term Leasing Services and Rent-to-Own Programs. Owners have the option of including their property in any of these programs.
  • Major Employers
    Through our Preferred Employer Program, we provide preferred employers with a bundled suite of moving and real estate related services. Our listings receive exclusive exposure to thousands of local employees.

Tenant Referral and Screening

We offer a dedicated team of rental property experts committed to providing quality renters for your property. We pride ourselves in renting to qualified tenants only, thus minimizing or eliminating problems down the line.

Accounting Services

Our accounting services include a variety of reports, services and protections, itemized monthly statements, and double-entry procedures. We provide owner’s online access to their statements and investment portfolio’s performance.

Our accounting services are supported on state-of-the-art computerized systems that allow us to optimize income and expense management. Our processes ensure that we collect what you are owed each month, groups payments into bank deposits, print deposit slips, and indicate when the money has been deposited in the bank. We also provide our property owners online access with up-to-date visibility in to the collection of their income.

  • Income Management
    • Faster payment processing means accelerated collection of property income for our property owners.
    • Automatic calculation and enforcement of late fees maximizes property income.
    • Ability for owners to easily gauge the effectiveness of our collection.
    • Standard tenant notices and statements to communicate with your tenants in a professional manner.
    • On-demand reports are also available.
  • Rent Collection
    • All rents are due on the 1st of the month and are late on the 5th.
    • First notices are given on the 5th. Three day notices are posted on the 10th.
    • Court cases are initiated against all delinquent residents on the 15th.
    • We work directly with a specialized real estate attorney that handles evictions efficiently.
  • Expense Management
    • Controlling property expenses is one of our critical responsibilities. Our systems enable us to efficiently track bills, interactions with vendors, ensure bills get paid for the right amount on time, every time. All vendor information, bills, bill payments, conversation notes, and even scanned copies of documents are available in one secure, shared location. This results in:
    • Controlled property expenses through appropriate visibility of historical bills.
    • Elimination of costly errors resulting from paying vendors for duplicate bills.
    • Avoidance of overdrawing property accounts by viewing portfolio income when paying bills.
    • Proper use of operating reserves when paying bills.
    • Our itemized monthly and annual operating statements consolidate a variety of information for easy review as well as income tax preparation.
  • Monthly Disbursements
    • We disburse funds once each month.
    • Owners are mailed checks on the 15th of each month.
    • Direct deposit is available to banks in the local area.
    • Monthly statements are emailed or mailed to property owners at this time.


With direct-dial phone numbers, individual email addresses and state-of-the-art voice, electronic and written communications, we keep our clients well informed about their investment real estate.

We are committed to prompt, thorough, and professional communication at all levels:

    • We use voice, electronic and written communications extensively.
    • Staff members are available via office phones, cell phones and email.
    • Our monthly statements are designed to keep our clients well informed.
    • Our listings provide interactive tools online for Real Estate Agents to make it easy for them to show your vacant properties. They obtain quick access to all the information they need and can schedule showings on the spot. We also make detailed reports available to the property owner so you can oversee and follow the activities that we put in place to fill your vacancy in the shortest time possible. Through these reports, we keep you informed about all aspects of every showing, including: the prospect, date and time, any special circumstances and even include what people are saying about your property.

      We also deliver these over e-mail for your convenience.

      Technology is integrated throughout our company. With the use of networked workstations, online digital photos, online archived files, wireless and Internet capabilities, customized property management systems and comprehensive training, a variety of staff members can generally answer most questions quickly and completely.

      We are on call 24/7 to handle emergencies. Non-emergency repairs are assessed and handled in a timely manner.

Maintenance Services

Rent Solutions Property Management strives to minimize inconvenience and cost to any of our residents or property owners. Our switchboard is answered 24 hours a day.

  • Rent Solutions strives to minimize inconvenience to all of our residents. We maintain extensive in-house and sub-contractor relationships year-round for all types of building repairs.
  • Rent Solutions Property Management evaluates and selects vendors for all maintenance needs including lawn care, pool care, cleaning, painting and repairs. We check the work and pay invoices – with no mark up – out of rental income.
  • We are on call 24/7 to handle emergencies. Non-emergency repairs are assessed and handled in a timely manner.
  • We look after each property, handle all maintenance and repairs in the best interest of the owner.
  • We take all maintenance problems at heart and will work to correct them as quickly as possible.

Please remember to always report life-threatening or serious emergencies (such as a fire or flood) to 911 first.
For non-emergencies maintenance, you can submit a maintenance request on-line.

Special Services

We furnish custom management services to Home Owner Associations, Condo Associations and other local clients. How can we help you?