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Level 2. We Find and Lease the Tenant

Rent Solutions will provide our Tenant Placement Services which do not include Property Management functions. Rent Solutions will perform any or all of the following services:

  • List property for rent in MLS
  • Run background/criminal check
  • Run a credit check
  • Verify rental history
  • Verify employment and income
  • Collect the deposit and first months rent
  • Execute the lease
  • Provide the keys to the tenant
  • Complete a walk-through inspection with the tenant
  • Once completed, all funds and documents are turned over to the OWNER/manager

Fees and Commissions . . . You Pay Only for Results

Our rental fee is paid by your tenant. We deduct our fee from the first month’s rent paid directly from the tenant. All other rent and all deposits are paid directly to you. We only get paid after we lease your rental.

Our fee equals a flat fee of 3/4’s of the first month’s rent. This fee is based on a minimum of 7 month lease term. Shorter leases, if accepted by the OWNER, will be prorated.

We will LEASE your rentals.