Real Estate Excerpts

What to Do Before Your First Tenants Move In

You just closed on your first residential rental property. What now? Here’s a quick checklist […]

Tips for Landlords on Crime Prevention in Rental Properties

Landlords in most states have some degree of legal responsibility to protect their tenants from […]

How To Fix A Bad Rental History

How to Fix a Bad Rental History Edited by Harri, Tsuki Sakka A bad rental history […]

Renter’s Checklist – What to ask before you sign a lease

RENTER’S CHECKLIST What to ask before you sign a lease Finding the right rental is […]

Consider the Tax Advantages

Owning a rental property whose rentals truly cover out of pocket costs still affords you […]

Shop for Financing

Financing a rental property is typically more costly than for your primary residence, so it […]